15 January 2010

Software Engineering ≠ Computer Science

The article is written by Chuck Connell, a software consultant. I stumbled upon it by chance, but I felt I really need to read it. And I was right.

Mr Connell felt the same frustration when starting to work as a software engineer that many of us do just after finishing university. The comfort of well defined rules and logical consistency slowly begins to fracture meeting the harsh reality of uncertain client requirements, estimates that border with a wild guess and the constantly improvised work organization.

Come to think of it the best that the whole engineering society could think of, when trying to create a guideline for work organization, was methodologies such as SCRUM. SCRUM does not really define anything, actually it encourages teams to not get used to a certain style of work - they would rather strive to continuously improve their work. So at best we could only encourage improvement, while we leave behind strict processes such as the Waterfall process.

As the article points out software engineering is made by people and people would naturally avoid abiding well defined processes. Individuality, improvisation, creativity - all of them are best expressed when an individual is acting freely and given the power to take chances and risk. Of course with risk comes possibility of error and with freedom comes the chance of chaos. But if the people involved are urged to improve, if the whole process is wisely managed and directed this would ultimately achieve the best productivity vs. quality ratio.

I'd strongly suggest reading Mr. Connell article. It provides a very clear, analytical view on the subject.

07 January 2010

P2P Conference - 2010

This year's P2P conference would be held again in Veliko Turnovo on the 24th and 25th of April. The last time I visited this conference it proved to be very interesting, filled with lots and lots of young enthusiastic people. It generally involves WEB technologies, but recently it became even broader including topics such as a BlogCamp, a workshop involving practical exercises on various subjects, a "CD throwing contest" and more.

It seems like a very nice event, so be sure not to miss it.

Link to the official web site of the event : here
"Skeleton" program : here