14 December 2010

Apache Software Foundation leaves Java Community Process

Quite disturbing news indeed.

Ever since Oracle acquired Sun there was an unspoken tension in the development community. I personally tried to not to pass judgment before Oracle made some steps themselves. It was my sincere hope that Oracle would attempt to preserve most of the process, although I am a realist and I knew corporate interests would surely interfere in some way.

Apache leaving the JCP is a very logical consequence to the results of the vote for the Java 7 and 8 roadmap. The vote itself was openly criticized. Another surprise to me was that IBM seem to have joined forces with Oracle in their crusade against the community process.

I personally can't say anything more than the sources I have cited. As a software engineer I find this a very unfortunate development. Although I've never had good experience working with Oracle products I still hoped that Java would not have the same faith.

It seems that the next logical step would be a fork in the road :) Apache and other supporters (such as Google) could take up the burden of creating and supporting an open source, community friendly version of the JDK. I am personalyl very much tempted to join Project Harmony.