01 June 2015

jPrime Conference - May - 2015

Pleasantly surprising, the new Java / JavaScript conference was held in the Sofia Event Center. It was a one-day Conference with two parallel streams of presentations. The conference was organized by the Bulgarian Java Users Group (shout out to them, a good first effort).

The presentations I visited were :

  • Microservices and Modularity or the difference between treatment and cure by Milen Dyankov - good very critique of the microservices hype by one of the people who develop OSGi
  • Coding Culture by Sven Peters - an effort to export the Atlassian company culture that, to my surprise, did not say a lot more than what I am already used to
  • JCache is here. Say Goodbye to proprietary Caching APIs! by Jaromir Hamala - an interesting new way to isolate your code from the implementation of the cache, provided by JSR--107
  • The Secrets of Concurrency by Heinz Kabutz - probably the most interesting presentation in the entire conference, although it showed the pitfalls of the traditional concurrence and did not talk at all about using the actor model or any of the new concepts in parallel computing
  • Common sense driven development by Bozhidar Bozhanov - a good attempt by Bozho to emphasize on how much we need to stop and think before making decisions and what adverse effects they would have on our code
  • Introduction to MVC 1.0 (JSR 371) by David Delabassee - an interesting new development in Java EE, the action-based MVC framework would only be used to provide an alternative to the traditional component-based MVC (Java Server Faces)