26 August 2015

Estimates and hopes

The old new thing blog published recently a very interesting statistic about the struggles to release a large product, specifically estimates about the RTM date and how they were consistently off by a factor of 2.3

It is sometimes with shameless pleasure that I find out, again and again, that the problems I am facing at the companies I work for are nothing new or nothing specific to the companies themselves.

It is obvious that the software development industry, being a very young one, is still struggling with basics, that perhaps all other industries have struggled with, in their youth. This is a good opportunity for me to do some digging around and check if there are such similarities.

Another thing that never fails to amaze me is how underappreciated agile development is. For all the benefits it has there are still as many people that oppose it, stating myths and misinterpretations as their argumentation. Yet another interesting article could come up from this.